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I'm a lover of nature and good coffee. I've lived a long life, yet refuse to grow old. I never tire of playing games, music, dancing and keeping things fun. If it spurs smiles, comes with a fresh flower or cup of Java, I'm IN. 


I LOVE telling stories...and boy, do I have a story for you! I'm all about family, and I have FOUR FAMILIES, so plenty of juicy material to share. 


My goal is to combine a good story with a happy heart and a belly laugh.


At the same time, my personal experiences highlight the art of resilience, and I enjoy spurring conversations on tough topics that are common to many of us, but also challenge the norm. It's a healthy way to find true happiness, sharing our stories.


I'm a devoted wife to my first and only husband, and we spend our spare time with my son's travel hockey team, shaking fingers at referees in ice rinks around the country. I love to travel, but also cherish home. Life is best when my fuzzy friends (one cat, one dog) are cuddled up with me, a friend is on the telly, or a good paperback is in my lap.


After a career in commercial real estate development, I hung up my pink hard hat to make a BETTER difference in the world. I began writing and speaking in 2010 to combine my environmental and humanitarian passions, and never looked back at the not-so-fun rat race. After years of writing a column, blogging and a couple of books (In H.O.P.E., Think Outside the Bin and War & Pennies), I'm entering my twilight years with a little boogie in my step to inspire you to find your own happy health. Let's play!

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Based in Concord, NC