• tracysmithhimes

BRILLIANT. Just the world needs NOW! Vitamin C. Vitamin D. Zinc...plus...ON GUARD Protective Blend!

A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM has never been more important.

doTERRA has created a daily chewable tablet with On Guard blend of CPTG oils PLUS ALL THE THINGS to support your healthy immune system! Along with Vitamins and Minerals C, D and Zinc, Beta Glucan is a powerful ingredient that helps your body with it's natural prebiotic fibers, to create a healthy gut microbiome. It acts as an immunomodulator, proven to help your IMMUNE system work as efficiently as possible!

Just look around my online educational platform and open a free account to find out more about the power of essential oils, why doTERRA is different, and the amazing company that I am PROUD to partner with, even after all these years, in defining a lasting, happy and healthy legacy that offers HOPE to the world! http://link.drippl.com/ref/verdemom

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